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Flexible Partition and Wall Storage Solutions

Have you ever looked at your office wall partition and wondered how it got there? When you close the door on your wall storage solution, have you e..

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It's Back Care Awareness Week!

The first week of October is Back Care Awareness week. This week seems to go under the radar even though back pain is the number one cause for disa..

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NEW Website Launch

It's here! The brand new Flexible website is now live. It's fast, secure and responsive, meaning it will move to fit on any mobile device, as well ..

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Call Centre Planning Considerations

Call Centre’s are being forced to move with the times, just like everyone else and it isn’t just as straight forward as putting desks i..

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Space Planning

Companies are trying to find better ways to make the most of the space they have because it is not always as easy as upping sticks and moving to a ..

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How Important Is The Chair?

It’s a big step to leave corporate life and strike out on your own. And you will probably need to set up an office and cost will be an issue...

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Store 'N' Go

I was just sitting with my cup of tea this morning. And I got to thinking about how office space has changed in recent..

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Suffering From Back Pain?

Did you know that statistics for 2011, record that over 34 million working days were lost due to musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, neck..

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