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We have over 18 years’ experience in providing Office Refurbishment services to our clients

Does your office need refurbishing? Have you been tasked with job of getting the project complete? You can remove all the stress and hassle of your office refurbishment project by calling Flexible Office Furniture and Interiors. We'll manage the project for you from start to finish, and you can be as involved or uninvolved as you like, leaving all the little details to us or taking full control of every decision right down to the type of hinge on a door! So what can you expect from a Flexible Office Refurbishment?

  • Professional design and layout services.
  • Experienced product sourcing and buying.
  • Simple and Secure payment structures.
  • Friendly, reliable, cost effective project management.
  • Fast, efficient, mess free fitting.
  • Complete peace of mind.

We'll even design your office space completely free of charge!

Yes, that's right, COMPLETELY FREE! Let us help you to understand how we can make your office space more efficient, productive and staff orientated. Our team of experts are waiting for you to get in contact.

What does a Flexible Office Refurbishment involve?

You should never underestimate the size of an office refurbishment project. Every project is different and unique in it's own way, that's why there are so many variables, things to plan for and think about that we haven't got the time to list them all! However, here's a quick snippet of some of the most vital elements to consider when planning your office refurbishment...

Who will champion the project?

Do you have the support of the Senior Management Team /Key players within the business? How many staff will be involved in the move and are there any specific considerations you need to make for them? Which architect and sub-contractors will you choose to carry out the work…how will you decide?

What are you looking to achieve?

Are you physically moving office, expanding the space you have or just re-configuring it? What core functionality will the space need to provide? Will you have a reception area; an open plan office; breakout areas; meeting rooms; welfare facilities? What storage will you need? Is there anything in the existing space that can stay as it is? What furniture will you need?

Have you thought about IT Infrastructure and electric cabling?

What about ventilation, heating, sound, lighting, welfare arrangements and access to different areas? What about compliance with current Health & Safety Laws and Regulations? What will you put in place to support people with disabilities? What environmental considerations will you need to make? What other groups of people could be affected by this? Will this affect neighbouring businesses?

Timimg is everything.

If you are considering a major re-fit, then you may need to think about moving offices temporarily whilst the work is carried out. How will you manage your customer expectations and business as usual service? What Business Continuity plans do you have in place? Budget – this is likely to be an expensive project so you need to think about cost management throughout.

You have to think long term.

How will the refurbishment reflect the current and future needs of the business? What cultural implications are there?

What's holding you back?

Why do you want to carry out a refurbishment? Is this the best solution, for your company?

We're positive that you'll be absolutely delighted with our Flexible Office Refurbishment Service, and that the end result will be nothing short of perfect. So why not put your feet up, have a brew and let us do this all for you!

Call Flexible today on (0161) 444 8411 to start your Office Refurbishment project.

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